The wonder wagon

Yes, it is just as horrifying as it sounds. I picked this title on purpose. 

There is an evil little game that people love to play … The ‘what if’ game. I’m sure you are familiar with it and have played a round or two yourself. It’s simple, really. You just need to bring to mind something you are unhappy with and start to wonder, “what if things were different?” 

Now if you have played, I’m curious, how did you feel afterwards? I can tell you from my experiences, I have felt a variety of emotions, ranging from extreme discontent to anger and justification in my poor attitude. It isn’t a pleasant experience, for me or anyone that comes in contact with me afterwards. It sends me into a tizzy and I find myself desperately trying to reconcile where I am with where I think I should be. What if what I was feeling was right? What if the things people had told me should/would happen in my life had come to pass? Would I be happier? Richer? More satisfied?  Did it matter? 

But what if … What if we turned this game upside down? What if instead of focusing on us, us, us and finding ourselves in misery we turned the focus onto God. What if He sees us, just as we are, just where we are and we begin to meditate on the wonder of that? Might the outcome be a little different? 

I’m giving myself yet another challenge as I am on the cusp of one decade ending and another beginning: whenever the what if games starts to taunt me, I want to turn it to wonder for my amazing savior. I don’t deserve anything in this life and every single gift I have been given is a blessing of grace. Who am I to wonder why God pours out blessings differently on people? He is all knowing, I am not. I will never know contentment or peace until I settle in my heart that I serve a good God, who knows me infinitely better than I know myself. He knows what I need and when I need it. I can rest in His arms, knowing He is in control and He loves me.

Wonder is a beautiful thing … But as with many things in life, we have allowed this glorious gift to become tarnished. I pray that I can turn my eyes to Jesus and recapture the joy that exists in wonder.

2 thoughts on “The wonder wagon

  1. I find myself caught in the wonder of how good…and faithful…and timely God is….all the time. Thank you for reminding and challenging us to never stop wondering at God’s infinite love and Grace.


  2. Steph – I know I do not comment much, but I just want to say how much I love all of your writings! You are incredibly talented & I appreciate so much you sharing your struggles & strengths! May God continue to Bless you beyond measure!!! I love you dearly

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