30 goals for my 30th year

  1. Love fiercely
  2. Spend more time in conversation with Jesus
  3. Get to know my husband better
  4. Watch less tv
  5. Laugh more
  6. Be thankful for something everyday
  7. Write more
  8. Worry less
  9. Pray for my future family
  10. Exercise
  11. Travel more
  12. Try new things
  13. Be more spontaneous 
  14. Work towards new goals
  15. Stop fretting about what people think of me
  16. Trust
  17. Be more present — put down my phone more often
  18. Read more
  19. Be an extravagant giver whenever possible
  20. Eat less candy and ice cream
  21. Wake up earlier
  22. Play more
  23. Be more intentional with my time
  24. Cook more
  25. Reach out beyond my comfort zone
  26. Serve more
  27. Be a better housekeeper
  28. Intercede through prayer
  29. Seek wise counsel 
  30. Live bravely

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