I am blessed

To be honest, this post was going to be entitled “The Struggle is Real” and I was very much focused on … well, just that: the struggle. 

But then I came upon this picture. It was taken at my rehearsal dinner almost a year ago. My younger sister had taken it and posted it on Instagram with the caption “Last night I couldn’t sleep – felt like Christmas Eve. I am beyond excited for these two as they step into this new chapter.” And I was just struck with how blessed I am. It might seem strange but it took this little reminder to shift my focus. Is life tough? Absolutely. But am I blessed beyond anything I could ever deserve? Without a doubt!

My dad had sent me a sermon he heard by Pastor Levi Lusko probably a month ago and I only just listened to it last night. In large part, it had to do with shifting our mind and attitudes. It was challenging. I struggle with a chemical imbalance in my brain and I take medicine to help bring balance.  But I am quite guilty of blaming this thing that feels out of my control for days when I just don’t feel happy. And the reality is that I do have some days that are a lot tougher than others, just as I am sure all of you do. But the message challenged, do you have to stay there? Do you have to throw in the towel and just declare the day doomed? What if instead I decided to thank God for the blessings I have in my life and declare His faithfulness over me, body, soul, mind and spirit? I wonder how my day would turn around. 

So on this day, when it truly does feel tough, I am going to publicly declare some of the amazing blessings God has lavished on me. 

  • My salvation. I have been blessed with forgiveness. Completely undeserved. Eternal life. Nothing I could do to earn it. Grace upon grace. 
  • My husband. He loves me unconditionally. I am daily amazed at the way he serves me. He is a constant reminder of God’s incredible love for me. 
  • My family. My sisters are my best friends. My parents are my mentors and have been my greatest supporters since birth. My nieces are a piece of heaven on earth; they bring me joy like no one else can. 
  • My in laws. They bring a special gift of beauty, humor and love to my life. 
  • My extended family. I don’t know how to adequately express the blessing they are. To be born into such a loving family is a rare gift that I pray I never take lightly. 
  • My job. This year my class is full of unique situations I have never faced. I believe God has prepared me for such a time as this and I pray I seek Him daily for wisdom. These children are amazing gifts from God to all they encounter and I am blessed to get to spend this year with them. 
  • This blog. It has been such an important outlet for me as I travel on my own unique journey and it has been an unexpected blessing to see how God is using it in other people’s lives.
  • My home. My country. My freedom. 

I could go on and on and and isn’t that the point? I am blessed. On our toughest days, may we strive to remember that and be thankful.

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