To those who are uneasy, to those who are elated 

I have stayed far away from politics this year. I got off Facebook because the bombardment of horrible posts was giving me such unrest in my soul. But today, I feel it is time to speak up about a few things. 

In all honesty, neither party’s candidate was my first choice, and I have a hard time believing they were really anyone’s first choice. But we were all faced with a decision. These were the candidates that were nominated and we were given the task of choosing one of them. 

Around 3 am EST a decision was made. Donald Trump was elected. Someone told me how elated they were and asked how I was feeling. I said “I’m relieved Hillary didn’t win. But I’m uneasy.” Then, less than a minute later I said, “Actually, I’m not. I feel completely at peace.” And I was shocked. Because I have felt anything but peace leading up to this election. I really wrestled through it. But the bottom line is this: God is in control, so I need not fear. 

But here are a couple of hard truths. If you didn’t vote, you have no right to complain. If you hate Trump so much you threatened to move to Canada, do it. If you believe any politician is going to be our country’s savior, you are sadly mistaken. Come January, Donald Trump will be president. And now we need to stop complaining and worrying and start praying. God has used many unlikely people throughout history. Who is to say he can’t speak to Trump’s heart to help move our country in the right direction? Think of David. A sinner through and through and yet God called him “a man after my own heart.” 

It’s time to come together as followers of Christ, a much higher title and calling than any political party or affiliation. 

Fear is losing ground to our hope in you. 

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