Dream bigger (and stop beating yourself up)

This one I’m writing to me, for me. If it strikes a chord in you as well, all the better. But I started this blog as an outlet for myself and today, I need some positive self-talk.

It’s okay to dream big. It’s okay to be scared that your dreams will never come true. It’s okay to cry over your longing to travel and have children and feel like you can’t have both. It’s okay to feel as if your own heart is betraying you. It’s okay. 

It’s okay to feel hopeless and want to throw your dreams to the wind. The key is to allow yourself the time to feel these emotions- cry, scream, kick, but then dust yourself off and walk back into your dream with your head held high. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” 

Sometimes I allow myself to be defeated before the battle has even begun. Now battle may not be a term that readily comes to mind when thinking of your dreams, but the reality is, some things do have to be fought for and very little is accomplished just by wishing for it to be so. 

My dream of becoming a published author terrifies me. My dream of traveling the world fills me and depletes me at the same time. My dream of becoming a mother makes my heart ache. 

Dreams are not for the faint of heart. Dreamers need to be prepared to take on the world and change it. 

Marin Luther King, Jr. had a dream but he didn’t allow it to remain in that dormant state. He spoke out. He led by example. He lived in such a way that he would change the world, one way or another. He died for his dream but his dream did not die with him. 

C. S. Lewis was a dreamer. A man of great imagination. He didn’t keep his dreams to himself, though. He wrote for the masses, inspiring imaginations through out space and time. I am in awe of C.S. Lewis’s vision and creativity and I largely attribute my desire to write to the influence he had on me. 

Vincent van Gogh said, “I don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dream.” And over a hundred years later, how many of us are familiar with his vision of this dream? While he was not successful in his lifetime, he has had an enormous impact on the world and I know I am a better person for having experienced his art.

Dreams are powerful and life changing, but they require determination and courage. I want to be one who is a dreamer, even when I am eighty years old. I want to hold tight to my dreams, not as a child clings stubbornly to a toy, but as a parent holds onto a child’s hand. Let me be one who dreams with an open heart and a willing soul.

Here’s to the ones who dream

Foolish as they may seem

Here’s to the hearts that ache

Here’s to the mess we make

          – “Audition (The Fools Who Dream)” from La La Land

2 thoughts on “Dream bigger (and stop beating yourself up)

  1. I am dreaming and set a goal to run a 1/2 marathon and I too am afraid of failure but I have let that fear so many times rob me of even trying. I will do what it takes to train and l will allow God to know the results and trust that He is with me the whole way!
    You are precious Stephanie and you will be all those things that you desire!

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