12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway

It’s been far too long since I’ve done a giveaway (or a post) and seeing as we are entering the Christmas season, I thought this was the perfect time to start again.

I will be doing 12 giveaways. It may be nail polish, a gift card, a book or a complete surprise. In order to enter for that day, you simply need to read my blog and post one comment.

So be on the lookout – I can’t wait to start back up again!

The Winners!

Day 1: Katie L! You won a gift card to Starbucks!
Day 2: Rebekkah! You won the Relax & Reflect gift package!
Day 3: Melissa P! You won the Winter Warmth package!
Day 4: Melissa D! You won the Perspective Package!
Day 5: Megan M! You won the All is Bright package!
Day 6: Laurie! You won a gift card to target!
Day 7: Mary Louise! You won the Spa La La package!
Day 8: Beth A! You won a gift card to Amazon!
Day 9: Beth F!
Day 10: Kirstyn!
Day 11: David!
Day 12: Rachel R!

If you have not claimed your prize, contact me ASAP!

One thought on “12 Days Of Christmas Giveaway

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