Day 8

I heard this song a few weeks ago and I found it to be so encouraging. I think it has a message that so many can relate to in a very real way.

The line that really struck me was:

If all I know of harvest
Is that it’s worth my patience
Then if You’re not done working
God I’m not done waiting

While I am still clinging to that, I have to be honest, today is a day more along the lines of “You’re the God of seasons, I’m just in the winter.” I ask that you pray for me; pray for hope and joy. It feels like the winter season in my life has been very long and I am restless for the first taste, the first glimpse of spring. Like in Narnia, where it was always winter and never Christmas until Aslan returned. I long to see the ice melt, the flowers bloom, the rivers thaw and the warm wind awakened; I want life renewed.

If there is anything you would like prayer for, please feel free to message me. I would be honored to come alongside you in whatever season you currently find yourself in.

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