Day 7

Another super short post! My favorite movies to watch this time of year (in no particular order): Holiday Inn The Muppet Christmas Carol Little Women White Christmas Christmas in Connecticut It's a Wonderful Life Elf And while these are not "Christmas movies," we always watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy And then these rotate … Continue reading Day 7

Day 6

Gift giving time! I put together a list of some things I am currently loving and/or think would make great gifts! Click any of the links to shop. What items would you most like to receive? What is a gift you think other people might love? Foreo Luna Play Face Cleanser $39 I am in … Continue reading Day 6

Day 5

Christmas Courage. No, that's not the name of the latest Hallmark movie (although now that I think about it ...). Rather, it is a new perspective that I was pondering this morning. 'Courage' is not an attribute that readily comes to mind when thinking of Christmas. I normally associate the words joy, peace and hope … Continue reading Day 5

Day 4

What is your favorite childhood memory of Christmas? My favorite Christmas was probably the year I received my American Girl Doll, Samantha. That year, everyone who gave me gifts bought me something for my doll. I felt like a princess! Back then, our Christmas tradition was to open gifts Christmas morning at home and then … Continue reading Day 4

Day 1

Happy December 1st! These next 12 posts will probably be different from what you are used to hearing from me. I want to simply get in the practice of writing again and hopefully engaging more of you on a regular basis. With the holidays in mind, I'm wondering about gifts. For this first 12 days … Continue reading Day 1

Defiant Love

I think most of us would agree that the world is a bleak place at this moment in time. Everywhere you look there is incredible depravity. One race fighting against another. Truth losing out to lies. Power corrupting. The weak being trampled, taken advantage of and abused. It is sickening and if I focus on … Continue reading Defiant Love